Vision & Values

Our Vision

In the past 15 years of its operations, PHGS SERVICES has evolved from a Facility Management provider to become a consortium of services related to industrial operations. From operations services, material procurement, manpower deployment and consulting.

This is not our end goal or our final milestone in our journey, but a clear commitment to evolve with the market and culture and yet remain committed to our core fundamentals of quality, sustainability and excellence.

PHGS SERVICES employees understand the role they play as an individual and within teams, in the transformation of our organisation and achieving our business goals. They are constantly guided into translating our vision to reality.

Our Values


We will listen carefully to understand the needs and concerns of others and value their input.
We will make every verbal and written effort possible to ensure the consistent and timely upward, downward, and lateral flow of information.
We shall communicate professionally and will not allow the use of inappropriate language or gestures.


We will continually look for new and better ways to accomplish our responsibilities..
“That’s the way we have always done it” will never be the reason for continuing to do something..
We recognize the need for formal on-going education to better learn our craft and will individually, and collectively seek out such opportunities..
Creativity and flexibility will be highly valued.

Performance Excellence

We will look, speak, and conduct ourselves professionally at all times.
We will consistently maintain a pro-active and “can-do” attitude.
We will approach our work in an organized, logical fashion with planned approach to our work and execution.
We will maintain our tools and our equipment in a state of readiness, capable of responding to both our daily tasks and any emergencies.
Pride in our accomplishments and responsiveness will be our hallmarks.


We will earn the respect of vendors and outside service providers by clearly stating our expectations from them and treat them as working partners


Honesty leads to a fulfilling, Honesty is not just about telling the truth, It’s about accepting the feedback whether it is good or bad and working on it and showing our honesty through outcome.

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