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Integrated Facility Management Services

“One Company Many Solutions”. We strive to be a one-stop provider for all section related to Facility Management Services. PHGS Services expertise in Integrated Facilities Management provides essential and sustainable solutions which can be tailored to your unique requirements. Our commitment and capacity to self-deliver hard and soft facilities management services allow us great control over the quality of delivery, the flexibility of service and cost efficiencies. Our Integrated Facility Service offering enables clients to focus on their core businesses as we support their objectives by combining the full range of support services under the umbrella of a single contract.


PHGS Services recognizes that Cleanliness and Housekeeping services play a significant role in the effectiveness of any facility.

We deliver soft facilities management services across a broad range of contracts and we have the capability to manage the varying levels of complexity of building facilities. We cater to large retail, commercial and residential portfolios providing a consistent approach to maintain standards whilst recognizing the specific needs and expectations of each stakeholder.

We are well equipped and trained with all modern cleaning equipment and employee only environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals which are specifically sourced as per customer requirements.

What distinguishes our housekeeping services from others is our

Experienced industry specialist creating schedules and plans.

Updating and reorganizing schedules based on observation and client request

Attention to details, thorough and regular inspections


Safety and Security is the core pillar of any organization. We at PHGS Services are proud of our offering of armed and unarmed security personals that serve various sectors.
Our Security personals are hand-selected and trained to the best industrial standards. They are groomed to be calm and quick-acting in any situation.
PHGS Services offers a full spectrum of Risk management, Consultancy and Security services delivered by our team of fully licensed and trained guards, from temporary cover to long-term security solutions created and tailored to suit your security needs. We follow a rigorous process to ensure that we deliver a security solution that is both fit for purpose and cost-effective.
PHGS Services works closely with clients to merge technology with manned guarding and to provide smart security solutions. We offer everything from the initial risk assessment to the design of bespoke physical, technical and operational security measures from concept through to detailed design including:

Security Systems Design (Access Control, Intruder Detection Systems, CCTV, Fences, Gates and Barrier Systems)
Construction Site Supervision, Project Management, Testing and Commissioning of all Security Systems)
Security Requirements Specification (Ready for Tender Documentation, Tender Process and Evaluation through to Procurement Support)
Threat and Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment
Security Strategy and Planning
Emergency and Crisis Management Planning
Physical Security Design
Surveys, Audits and Reviews
Policies and Procedures


PHGS Services has experienced staff in the field of landscaping. Whether it luscious green landscape or an exquisite collection of exotic floral collection PHGS Services has the skills, knowledge and experience to enhance your surroundings.

Our Landscaping Services includes offering services such as

Yard Maintenance

Natural and Artificial Grass installation

Regular cleaning and maintenance services

Pool and Decorative Fountain Installation

Pool and Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance

Decorative Bush cutting, Lawn mowing, edge cutting and Shrub removal


PHGS Services offers a wide variety of active and passive solution to eliminate and prevent all types of pest infestation in your facility.

Our services include

Trap installation

Scheduled insecticide and pesticide spraying


Site inspection for pest growth hotspots detection


PHGS Services Deep Cleaning department is well-versed and consisting of skilled staff with expertise in handling any facilities required level of cleanliness. We have all kind of modern tools, equipment and chemicals to give a fresh start to your facility. Our deep cleaning services are suitable and desirable for

Opening a newly constructed facility

Covid-19 affected offices

Long time dormant facilities

Pharma and Medical Facilities

Post-renovation or Plumbing failure cleaning


PHGS Services works to protect built assets by managing and executing maintenance works safely and efficiently with extensive planned preventive maintenance regimes enabling responsiveness when defects occur and reactive when repair services are needed.

We believe in carrying out our range of hard facilities management services with minimum disruption to achieve high standards of performance and quality with convenience for building owners, tenants and visitors.

Our hard facilities management services are delivered by our in-house fleet of experienced technicians and engineer.

We support all building services such as

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems

Civil and Carpentry

HVAC Systems

Infrastructure & Utility Management

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Emergency Generation & UPS System


PHGS Services understands that the external window and façade of each building are the first impressions of the premises seen by staff, tenants and visitors alike and our focus is to ensure that the cleanliness of glass is maintained to the highest standards at all times. We develop a comprehensive programmed of window and façade cleaning in line with the client’s requirements, taking into consideration environmental policy, site complexities such as access issues, in-built equipment and required protection necessary to minimize disruption and inconvenience to the public, client and staff.

PHGS Services also provides management, planning, monitoring and performance reporting of window cleaning services. Health & Safety are part of the day-to-day operational practices with technical supervisors charged with ensuring compliance with, and adherence to all stakeholder policies.

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